Texas Tech Red Raiders Jones AT&T Stadium 9″

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Team: NCAA


Texas Tech University Red Raiders Jones AT&T Mini Stadium Replica. The home of Texas Tech football since 1947. It’s been renovated many times throughout its existence and currently holds 50,500 Red Raiders fans. Current for 2009. These one of a kind collectibles are meticulously wood crafted 3D stadium models and make a perfect gift for EVERY sports fan! Great to display on a windowsill, a shelf in your game or family room, or on your desk at work!

These mini replicas measure approximately 9″W x 4″H x 1.125″D. Historical facts are listed on the back of each stadium model.

NOTE: These stadiums are not round, they are made in 3 or more layers to give it a stunning three-dimensional effect and provide an optical illusion of a 360 degree stadium when viewed from about 4′ away. You will be amazed at the attention these incredible stadium replicas attract. Have Questions? Please read our Stadium Replica FAQ’s.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 4 in

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