New York Giants 2003 Superstar Truck



2003 series – Jeremy Shockey New York Giants die-cast superstar truck. The 2003 NFL season is about to kick off, and football’s greatest superstars are ready to begin guiding their teams down the road that leads to the Super Bowl. Fleer Collectibles showcases many of these stars with their own NFL Super Collection Kenworth Tractor-Trailers. The 1:80 scale die-cast, 18-wheel vehicles feature a great selection of the game’s greatest players, from legends such as Jerry Rice and Brett Favre to rising stars such as Michael Vick and Jeremy Shockey. Each of these serially-numbered Tractor-Trailers showcases photographs of the player, plus their career highlights, team logos and colors.

PRICE: $23.50 each

Additional information

Shipping Weight 1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 12 x 6 x 3 in