Somewhere In Time Sports:  Racing Cards


If you are looking for an individual player, we have many stars, semi-stars, and commons available. We have an alphabetical checklist of all cards available for a certain player, and we will do our best to locate cards that you are searching for. There is a $20 minimum on card orders, you can order singles or in bulk!

QTY: Item Description: Price:
10 Assorted common drivers (our choice) $3.95 or more
25 Assorted common drivers (our choice) $10.95 or more
50+ Assorted common drivers (our choice) Call for bulk pricing!

 Complete Sets:
Item Description: Price:
Many '90-present sets available - different companies and years! $50 to $200 or more

Wax Boxes and Packs:

Item Description: Price:
Many individual wax packs available, contact us for availability! $5 - $25 per pack